Learning opportunity: The Horizon 2020 Summit

October 2 – 6, 2017 a Horizon 2020 virtual Summit will take place online.  Nikolaos Floratos, a funding expert and trainer from Greece,  organizes the summit.
Nikolaos recorded interviews with EU funding experts on different topics, ranging from ERC grants to FET and SME instrument grants. The virtual Horizon 2020 Summit is free to watch, and you have to register beforehand to view the interviews. You can get a ticket here: Get your free pass to Horizon 2020 Virtual Summit.

Horizon 2020 Summit

The summit is basically an online event, allowing you to see recorded interviews with experts on Horizon 2020 and related areas. There are a lot of different topics covered, and it’ll take some effort to be available when the interviews are online. However, I really recommend to watch the interviews on your topic of interest. You can also watch an interview with me, Marc Hoffmann, covering mostly the information in the Horizon 2020 proposal handbook.

My advice is to prepare to hear advice from different perspectives.  Each expert has his own experience and recommendations.  What works best with ERC individual grant proposals might not work well with a larger Horizon 2020 consortium.

The summit is organized through the company KEY INNOVATIONS as a commercial activity, and they also sell tickets.

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