NPS Feedback for the book on Horizon 2020

Writing a book is hard work.  After the book was finished, I got much valuable feedback from readers who contacted me.  Some readers are very happy how I helped them in getting started with Horizon 2020.  These readers took the initiative in sending me an email.  Now it’s my turn in asking:  I have set up a NPS feedback system.

The reason I have started to collect feedback through a simple NPS (Net Promotor) survey  is that I want a system with not much effort for my readers.  When you visit the Horizonbook website, a short survey appears for some visitors.

Thank you for your feedback!

Thanks for feedback picture.
Thanks for feedback.

Background on feedback

Collecting feedback is one method for authors to know what their readers think.  One problem is that as a book author you don’t know all your book’s readers.  By opening a feedback channel, your readers can easier tell you what they think about your book.  The choice for FanExam NPS is because the feedback is simple to give for readers.  As a result I hope to collect more advice from my readers. Since the book was written, many readers actively contacted me through email and showed me how I can improve the book.  Thank you for everybody who took the effort to write to me!

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