About the book:

“How to write effective EU proposals” shows you how to develop ideas, network, find partners and write a competitive proposal for Horizon 2020. It’s not a repetition of the officially available EU documentation, but an opinionated resource for those who want an effective guide through the often bureaucratic Horizon 2020 process.

This book shows you “The path through the maze”. There is no lack of information on Horizon 2020.  It’s a problem of how to access the right information at the right time.

The book  is based on a step-by-step process, usable for Horizon 2020 starters and partners already experienced in EU funding:

  • An overview of the core need-to-know of Horizon2020 (chapter “Getting started with Horizon 2020”).
  • A simple networking method, even usable for the networking averse (chapter “Networking for Horizon 2020”) (However simple does not equal easy!)
  • A process to for partner search and evaluation, followed by how to form a consortium based on mutual trust (chapter “How to form a partnership and consortium”).
  • How to write a workplan for a competitive proposal (chapter “Writing a Proposal”).
  • The required steps to submit your proposal (chapter “Marketing and Submitting your proposal”).

Have a look at the table of contents.

You won’t find shortcuts to EU funding. Getting EU funding is hard, and there are no shortcuts. However this book shows you the tricks of the trade used by experienced proposal leaders. You will learn how to quickly evaluate and dismiss low quality ideas and proposals.

Why should you read a book about Horizon 2020? Experience shows that unfortunately a lot of work is wasted by applicants in trying to get funding from the EU.

Neither is the book is not a summary of the EU Horizon 2020 documentation. The documentation on the EU commission’s website is exhausting and complete (and often boring to read). Instead the book just directs you to the core aspects of proposals you should look after in order to increase your chances of getting funding.

Relying on experienced peers is good way to harness experience. But this requires that you are already in a network. If you are new you need to start somewhere. This book sets you on the right track. Get the book.


Front cover: Fron Cover of How to write effective EU proposalsand back cover:
Back cover of How to write effective EU proposals

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