One-Page Partnership Template

horizonbook-one-page-partnership-templateThe one-page partnership template is a tool to help in the early stages of building partnerships and a consortium for a proposal for Horizon 2020.  This template can help you to get a clearer picture of who (and who not) to include in the consortium.

To get a clear picture of the partnership, prepare a short information leaflet about the potential consortium partners. Do keep it short and just include key information for each project partner. Here is a template for this information:

Project Title/Acronym:

Project Role:
For example project leader, scientific coordinator, workpackage leader, product development expertise.

Organisation name and location:

Key persons to contact and email / telephone:

Organisation structure , legal status and financing:
For example university, industrial partner, consulting agency.

Specific skills / technologies :
Expertise brought to the project by the people / department that will do the work.

User of project results:
Who is going to use the project results vs developing the project itself.

Short background of key staff :
Key people to work on the project.

You can download an empty template here as: horizonbook-one-page-partnership-template.pdf or horizonbook-one-page-partnership-template.docx. If you need more information: Get the book.

When building the partnership, ensure that it meets the following rules:

  • Every needed skill has a partner.
  • Every partner has a primary skill/role.
  • Some partners may have several roles.
  • No partner has numerous roles.

In general it is easier to work together with partners you already know and which you trust. Bring in new partners for their specific knowledge and ability to fulfil project roles.

How to Select NEW Partners for a Consortium?

So, how do you actually include (or exclude) a potential new partner in your consortium? The basic rule for EU proposals is: Select consortium members by their role in the proposal, not by their profile. The role is what a consortium member has to do in its project tasks. For example to have the role of “Work Package Leader”, a consortium member should have earlier EU project experience, have deep knowledge about the work package subject and have project management capacity. Another partner in the consortium may be inexperienced with EU funding, but may possess unique scientific knowledge to get the project going. Such a partner could fill the role of scientific coordinator, while initially less suited to the role of project coordinator.

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