The Book – Horizonbook

“How to write effective EU proposals” shows  how to develop ideas, network, find partners and write a competitive proposal for Horizon 2020. It’s not a repetition of the officially available EU documentation, but an opinionated resource for those who want an effective guide through the often bureaucratic Horizon 2020 process.

The book also concentrates on networking and partner search for Horizon 2020. This problem is the major obstacle for starters. There’s no other resource, official or informal, which covers networking and the process of building a consortium at this level of detail. It’ll show you how to evaluate partners and form a lasting consortium based on mutual commitment.

The book flyer Effective-EU-Proposals in PDF is here.

The Author

Dr. Marc Hoffmann gained considerable experience working on, writing and evaluating proposals for funding agencies like the EU, the Dutch NWO, French, South African and Dutch universities, and various government agencies.

Currently Marc applies scientific methods like time series analysis, heat transfer analysis and data science to solve real life problems. Examples are energy conservation policies, ultralight burner design and optimal choice.

Marc enjoys visiting conferences and exchanging stories about successful (and failed) applications of cutting edge science.

Seeing capable scientists and research groups fail in participating in EU funding led him to examine the root causes of this failure.  He found that often it wasn’t the science or technical excellence that led to failure. Often it came down to poor networking, unrealistic expectations, unbalanced partnerships and badly written proposals.

To help in fixing these issues Marc decided to write a book about getting funding for Horizon 2020.
You can reach Marc at marc.hoffmann@horizonbook.eu or fill in the form below.


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