Photo of author.Dr. Marc Hoffmann gained considerable experience working on, writing and evaluating proposals for funding agencies like the EU, the Dutch NWO, French, South African and Dutch universities, and various government agencies.  

Seeing capable scientists and research groups fail in participating in EU funding led him to examine the root causes of this failure. He found that often it wasn’t the science or technical excellence that led to failure. Often it came down to poor networking, unrealistic expectations, unbalanced partnerships and badly written proposals.  To help in fixing these issues Marc decided to write a book about getting funding for Horizon 2020.

Marc gave a talk on how to get started with Horizon 2020 in Brussels at the FOSDEM conference.  Watch the video below:

fosdem talk

Currently Marc applies scientific methods like time series analysis, heat transfer analysis and data science to solve real life problems. Examples are energy conservation policies, ultralight burner design and optimal choice.  He enjoys visiting conferences and exchanging stories about successful (and failed) applications of cutting edge science.  As an author Marc writes and teaches about subjects ranging from basic science to applied technology.

You can reach Marc at or via the form below.

    Thanks for helping with the book:

    Greer Wilson, Science Consultant, .

    Richard Wheeler, proposal master and Horizon 2020 expert.  Richard shared advanced insights on the workings of Horizon 2020.

    Joe Gorman, Researcher and Project Manager at SINTEF ICT, Trondheim, Norway.  His presentations were a great inspiration for the book.

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