Horizon 2020 Funding Rates

Here is a short overview of most of the Horizon 2020 types of actions and their funding rates. The detailed description of the types of actions are described in the General Annexes of the Horizon 2020 Main Work Programme and in the ERC Work Programme. Keep in mind that these numbers can change!

TypeEU funding rate
Research & Innovation actions100%
Innovation actions70% (non-profit 100%)
Coordination & support actionsoften 100%
Grants of the European Research Council (ERC) for frontier research100%
Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions (MSCA)100%
COFUND actionsvaries (joint funding)
SME instrumentspecified amount of funding
Inducement and Recognition Prizesprize
Debt and equity facilityloan

Additionally there are so called “H2020 Calls for Tenders”, which in effect is European public procurement and publishes calls for tenders.

What to Expect from Horizon 2020

In practical terms the EU provides funding through Horizon 2020 and at the same time requires trans-European cooperation. As an applicant you have to work together with partners from other European countries to get funding. By building up personal and organisational networks in this way, the EU programmes promote a European community in practice.

In practice Horizon 2020 provides (co)financing and networking benefits to participants. The financing can be up to the 50 – 100% of the net cost of an R&D project. The financing is calculated on the basis of direct costs associated with the research. These costs do not include commercial profits, but cover such things as personnel cost, costs of materials and travel. On top of these direct costs a fixed overhead rate of 25% is applied, giving the total eligible cost. This total is then refunded at a rate of between 50 – 100%.

You can participate in and get funding through Horizon 2020 if your organisation is based in the EU or a country explicitly allowed to participate. The amount of funding you can get depends on the specific funding rules, the legal status of your organisation and your contribution to Horizon 2020.

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